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Spoken English - How are you? - Part 2 (Video 4)

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स्पोकन इंग्लिश में 'हाउ आर यू?' का उपयोग लोगों के हाल-चाल जानने के लिये होता है और इसे पूछने के और भी तरीके होते हैं, जिन्हें इस वीडियो में हिन्दी में सिखाया गया है। उन सभी प्रश्नों के अलग-अलग उत्तर भी समझाये गये हैं। अपने हाल-चाल बताने के बाद हम सामने वाले के हाल-चाल पूछते हैं और ऐसा ही करने के भी कुछ तरीके होते हैं जो इस वीडियो के अहम हिस्से हैं।

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  • This video teaches through Hindi medium how to ask the well-being of people in English and suggests that so many other variants of 'How are you?' are there in vogue. Spoken English permits 'How is it going?' (How's it going?), 'How is life?' (How's life?), 'How is everything?' (How's everything?) and even 'How are things?'. These expressions of formal general etiquette have been duly presented with their Hindi equivalents so that they can be rightly used in right situations. Responses to 'How are you?' include expressions like "I'm pretty well, thank you.", "I'm very well, thank you." and even "I'm on top of the world, thank you.". 'What about you?' or 'How about you?' are added to the aforesaid responses to ask how the persons we are talking to are. At times people ask 'And you?' and it works very well. Spoken English mein 'How a

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