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Spoken English - How are you? - Part 1 (Video 3)

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स्पोकन इंग्लिश में लोगों को 'How are you?' कब पूछें? यदि कोई हमें 'How are you?' पूछे तो उसे जवाब क्या और कैसे देना चाहिये? 'हाउ आर यू?' पूछना और उसका उत्तर देना इस वीडियो में हिन्दी में समझाया गया है।

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  • This video teaches how to ask, 'How are you?'. How to respond to the expression 'How are you?'. What are the answers of 'How are you?'. Right from "I'm good." to "I'm fine, thank you." all the formal answers are there. Basic manners of general etiquette cannot be completed without learning questions of asking others' well-being and answers of the same. Spoken English mein logon ko 'How are you?' kab poochen. Agar koi hamen 'How are you?' poochata hai to usey jawab kya aur kaise dena chahiye? 'How are you?' poochana aur uska uttar dena is video mein Hindi mein samjhaya gaya hai.